our language

- sometimes it makes sense...sometimes it doesn't -

bish/bishy/bishy lishy/bish-a-lish/lish{bee.shh/bee.she/lee.she}

what you call a friend

"thats my bishy" or "hey, lish" 

der {dur}

means duh

"i already did that, der"


means desperate 

"the drunk text he sent was very desperado"

gucci/guccci lucci/gucc/gucc-a-lucc {goo.ch.ee/lou.ch.ee}

means something is good 

"have a gucc-a-lucc day!"

latre {lah.tray}


"see you latre"

love you, mean it

how we say goodbye (to everyone, especially uber drivers)

*we met a bachelor party of 24 guys in Savannah, GA & spent four days with them - every time they left us, they said it and it stuck*


cooler version of love

"ooh, lurv that" 

ner {nur}

means no

"that's a hard, ner"

real talk, girl talk

we're in the vault & you don't need a filter

"real talk, girl talk; lets chat about my night last night"


another word for sister & what we most call each other. 

"ashton is my seester", "devyn is my sees" 


not a midday nap, but another word for sister

"we are siestas"

sloota {slew.tah}

term of endearment between girlfriends 

*names bestie groupchat "slootas"