We got a lot of questions about how we stay organized... and let us just say, while it comes pretty naturally to both of us, it’s not easy. We both have careers, relationships and social lives to maintain, plus we both like to look somewhat decent on a daily basis - it’s a lot! So how do we (try to) manage it all? We swear by the good old fashioned TO DO LIST. Both of us make lists on the daily and check them of with a-vengeance (nothing feels better than crossing things off). 

Here’s the process: 

Get a notebook specifically for TO-DO lists: This maybe seems excessive but having one notebook or notepad dedicated to your to-do’s makes things simple and you can keep it right next to your bed at all times.  

Wake up & make your list: It’s best to get your list out of the way ASAP that way you get everything off your mind and onto paper before you can even get anxious about it (hence the notebook next to your bed). 

Assign times to your tasks: This is an extra step, but is so necessary. If you know that something is going to take you an hour vs. 15 minutes, you’ll be better able to plan out your day. Game-changer. 

Choose your priorities/non-negotiables: Choose/highlight the 3-5 things you absolutely must get done that day and do them before noon. If you can get the ‘musts’ off your plate before everything else, the rest of your day will feel stress free & everything else will seem like a piece of cake. 

Choose the 3 things you’re most lax about getting done: If you’re like us, your to-do list is somewhat aspirational, in that, we like to get things done earlier than need be to get ahead of ourselves. That said, there are usually 3 things that would be great if we could get to today, but if not, we’re not stressing. As you choose your priorities, choose the few things that will be okay if they spill over into the next day. 

Physically check your to-do list off: We’re big fans of the written list (opposed to a phone list) because you can really check it off as you finish a task. This helps you visualize how much you’ve gotten done vs. what you still need to do. 

Go get shit done, girls! 

Love you, Mean it.

Devyn & Ashton