I feel like sh*t most Mondays…I’m swollen from too much drinking, I’m exhausted from being out too late & I’m bloated from overindulging on salty snacks at cocktail hour. But I actually love the start of the week because it means that I get a fresh start, can recover properly & will get back into a solid routine that sets me up for a great week.

Here’s what I do to re-set (this routine, in this order, will make you feel AH-MAZING):


This sounds obvious, but I’m taking it to another level; every morning when I wake up, I grab the biggest glass I have, fill it with room temp water, squeeze a whole lemon into it and stir in some pink Himalayan salt. Here’s why: room temperature water allows our bodies to rehydrate quicker because it absorbs more quickly, lemon is basically the miracle fruit (aids in digestion, rejuvenates skin and body healing, gives you vitamin C, helps detoxify, & boosts energy), and pink Himalayan salt provides trace minerals that give you extra hydration (this particular salt doesn’t retain water, so no bloat)!


This is seriously my favorite beauty hack; you stick this bad boy in the freezer overnight, wake up in the morning and roll it on your face for 10-15 minutes. Aside from feeling amazing, it helps with lymphatic drainage, reduced bloat, and contours your face. You’ll feel so alert and there’s no real condensation so it's literally the perfect way to wake up.


I like to ease back into the week with a light workout i.e. a 45 minute walk while listening to my favorite podcast (also love a pilates class), this gives me time to stretch my body out, and have time to think about a plan of action for the week.


Full disclosure: this will test your self-discipline, but the benefits of being cold are too good to pass up (ever wonder why everyone is so into cryotherapy?). This shower will improve your immunity and circulation, ease stress, stimulate weight loss, refine your hair and skin quality, speeds up muscle recover & so much more. Want all that?

Here’s what you do: get in the shower and go through your regular routine, when you start coming to the end of soaping up, start taking some deep breaths (4 counts inhale, 4 counts hold, 4 counts exhale). When you’re on your 10th deep breath, turn the shower as hot at you can stand it…don’t be dumb and burn yourself, just get steamy…stay fully immersed in the hot water for 10 seconds and keep breathing. Then quickly turn the shower to as cold as it can go for another 10 seconds, again, making sure that you are fully immersed (head under water). Go back and forth from hot to cold as many times as you can take (starting with 5x is realistic), end on a cold note, get out and dry off. It's hard at first but becomes addictive because you’ll feel amazing! Ps. This is also the best hangover cure of all time.


It’s really easy to feel guilty about ‘allowing’ yourself a long, overindulgent weekend, but it’s honestly not worth it. The only way to feel better about things is to move forward with good intentions. Set your intentions for the week (a list of things you want to accomplish, how you want to feel, what you want to happen, etc.) and then burn it/shred it/get rid of it. Writing it down helps you to see what you want, getting rid of it sends it out into the universe so that it can have your back this week. Setting intentions & manifesting has made such a huge difference in my life and always helps to get me on track – do it regularly and reap the benefits!

Have a great week – love you, mean it.


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