1. MAKE THE BED: This sounds too simple but making your bed every morning, right when you wake up, creates a positive state of mind and lowers stress levels. It also promotes good habits and sets the tone for the rest of the day.

2. WRITE A TO-DO LIST: Every morning I write a list of all the things I need to do that day and categorize them into ‘work’, ‘personal’ & ‘additional’. I also assign times to my to-do list and then write my goals for the day at the bottom. To see everything in front of you helps you to remember what you need to get done and nothing feels better than crossing things off your list throughout the day.

3. TURN OFF YOUR NOTIFICATIONS: The best thing I’ve ever done is turn off all social media and text message notifications. You’re not bothered or distracted by people sending mindless texts or worried who just posted yet another picture of their dog on Instagram. Check/respond to everything at the end of the day and watch your world change.

4. TIME BLOCKING: After seeing many entrepreneurs and influencers that I follow use a ‘time block’, I knew there had to be something to it. This little device is great for breaking your day up and reminding you to take breaks. Your brain can only take so much work at a time until you become inefficient, so flip to the 60-minute setting to answer all of your emails and then flip to the 15-minute setting to get up, get a cup of coffee and walk around. It’s a game-changer.

5. SAY, “NO”: We’ve all been there; you sister calls in the middle of the day and asks if you can help her find a dress for a friend’s wedding or you friend texts you and wants you to meet her for happy hour, but you have a million other things going on. You have to think of yourself as the priority and thus, you politely say, ‘no’. If you’re not getting what you need to get done and are catering to other people’s needs, you’ll be stressed, behind, and resentful. Your time is precious, start treating it that way.

Love You, Mean It.