new york city


entrepreneur, city slicker, #hbic, wino

Hey hey,

I’m Devyn and I'm so psyched that you're here!


Just a little bit about me; I’ve lived in Manhattan since I was 19 – I originally came here to go to college, but then dropped out to run my business (best decision I’ve ever made). I run a brand styling business as well as an interview series called #STYLEYOURBIZ™ - I love what I do, so I'm a little work addicted. I’m a sucker for a good glass of wine and/or a salty marg and know the lyrics to most old and new school hip-hop & rap songs. An avid learner, I love a good conversation with strangers at a bar and sharing stories, but I also LOVE my alone time (I need time to recharge).  I’m obsessed with self-improvement and fully believe in the power of a great life coach, some meditation, and a really low give a f*cks meter.


I love getting to know all of you and think that together we can make an impact on the world . Let's get real.