I'm so excited to welcome you to Real Talk, Girl Talk, an online community for women who want to thrive in their 20's. I decided to call this community, Real Talk, Girl Talk because I want this to be a place where real women can have real conversations about wellness, business & career, relationships and confidence.


As a 25 year old, living in New York City & running a multiple businesses , I have been through my fair share of both personal and career ups and downs. What separates me is that I've never given up and have always believed in myself and my dream. How? I've done the work on myself and my business to develop the confidence I need to always push forward. Now, I want to help you do the same.

I love getting to know you girls and hope that I can make an impact in your everyday lives so that we can run the world together!


Thanks for being here and having some Real Talk, Girl Talk with me - I think you're a badass already.